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OF5 – Olio Nuovo Tasting with Bozzano – from Stockton CA

Date: January 15, 2016

Tasting Bozzano’s 2015 Organic Olio Nuovo – from Stockton California

In this episode of the Olive Fantastic Video Blog, I’m tasting Organic Olio Nuovo from the Bozzano Family, located in Stockton California.

Name: Organic Olio Nuovo
 100% Organic Leccino
Date Harvested: November 2015
Bottle Size/Format: 500ML/Antique Green/ROPP Cap + Pour-Spout Insert
Price: $29.75/500ML bottle
Nose: 2 out of 3 – Big green aromas of freshly harvested olives, wheat grass, herbaceous, with a touch of ripe red apple
Fruitiness: 2 out of 3 – Loaded with green flavors like freshly cut grass, herbaceous green vegetables, green pears and a noticeable  ripe crisp red apple flavor, that was really nice helping to balance out the flavor.
Bitterness: 2.6 out of 3 – A good dose of bitterness, due to its freshness and robust characteristics, as a result…very high in polyphenols!  A nice bonus.
Pungency: 3 out of 3 – Fantastic clean pepperiness on the throat, definitely a BIG robust oil…like this Italian/Tuscan variety should be.
Intensity – Dewey’s Rank: Robust
Where to Buy: www.bozzanoranch.com

Bozzano Organic Olio Nuovo - November 2015

Bozzano Organic Olio Nuovo – November 2015


If you’d like your olive oil featured, I’d be happy to taste it, it’s FREE, contact me at dewey@olivefantastic.com – thank you, and enjoy.

**I want to thank Bozzano Olive Ranch for the free product, and for allowing me to review their olive oil. All opinions and tasting notes are my own, and I am not affiliated with, work for, or paid by any of the companies I taste oil from on my video blog. I only represent my own company and brand: Olive Fantastic.  I truly enjoy tasting these olive oils, and aim to educate you on their unique flavors and even more importantly: how to taste and evaluate olive oil for your own use. That’s my goal here, to educate everyone I possibly can on the greatness of premium 100% extra virgin olive oil!

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hey Dewey, I heard that olive oil can be from pale yellow to dark green. I am curious about the color of the oils you try. Could you mention the color? Hard to tell in the little plastic cup.
I am new to this and totally curious.


Hi Dewey, me again, I was looking at the Bozzano site and I see they have both an organic and a regular olio nuovo. What is the difference in the olive world, and is it worth it? Are olive trees heavily sprayed w pesticides/fertilizers?
Thanks again.


I love talking olive oil, please feel free to contact me via email or phone. Here is my contact information:

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