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UPDATE: on the Wild Groves Launch

Date: August 09, 2016

Hi Folks,

I wanted to provide you all with a quick update on the Wild Groves launch, which will be happening in just a couple weeks…if not sooner 🙂

I am so close to launching my family’s new brand: Wild Groves!

Here is a quick update on where we stand with the launch, which will take place within the next week (video below). I’m also announcing that the official launch will be a Kickstarter campaign.  After talking to several professionals and doing a ton of research on how to best launch a new brand like Wild Groves, it became clear that to have the most success, and reach the most people, I needed to go big and do a Kickstarter campaign. I’ll be updating everyone soon with e-blasts, so keep an eye out for those. The Kickstarter campaign will include several reward levels, some including product I’ll only be selling through the campaign! I’ll also have some super unique and special rewards that will include in-person group tastings and/or a dinner where I’ll share all my products. So a lot to look forward to!

Join the launch list here: JOIN

Website Link: WILD GROVES

Thank you all so much, your support is much appreciated. PLEASE help me out and SHARE this with family and friends by emailing or posting this link into your email or social media:  https://olivefantastic.com/2016/08/09/update-on-the-wild-groves-launch/

Talk to you soon! Dewey



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Congratulations!! you will be great!! You have a love and passion for what you do, your marketing is right on point & you really understand Customer Service!!I have loved your oils with Lucero, Bozanno and I know Wild Groves will also be wildly successful!!

Daniel Rich

We’ve been following your food adventures since we first met you at the Food & Wine festival at Disney’s California Adventure many many years ago. While we miss making the trek up to Corning for the bloom and crush events, we’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with!

I’m kicking myself for not making it down to Gilroy for the garlic festival. If I had known you were going to be there we would have made the trip and battled the crowds just to say “hi”!


I love talking olive oil, please feel free to contact me via email or phone. Here is my contact information:

Dewey Lucero
Olive Fantastic
9385 Old State Hwy, Unit #4
Newcastle, CA 95658
Phone: 530-514-4006
Fax: 4215 4879 125
Email: dewey@olivefantastic.com