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My First Interview with Patricia Darragh of the California Olive Oil Council – Certified 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Through the “Seal Program”

Patty & Dewey

Patricia Darragh – Executive Director of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) Berkeley, CA We discuss “Certified 100% EVOO” & the significance of the “Seal Program” The COOC is a trade association with the mission of encouraging the consumption of certified California extra virgin olive oil through education, outreach and communications. The COOC is committed to upholding the highest standards within the olive oil industry through its Seal Certification Program. The COOC provides the only seal certification program in California for extra virgin olive oil, and has some of the […]

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UPDATE: on the Wild Groves Launch

Dewey - Update on Wild Groves 8.9.16

Hi Folks, I wanted to provide you all with a quick update on the Wild Groves launch, which will be happening in just a couple weeks…if not sooner :) I am so close to launching my family’s new brand: Wild Groves! Here is a quick update on where we stand with the launch, which will take place within the next week (video below). I’m also announcing that the official launch will be a Kickstarter campaign.  After talking to several professionals and doing a ton of research on how to best […]

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BEST OF SHOW !! – Ascolano

Best Of Show - Ascolano - Olive Fantastic 2016

My Family’s Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wins: “Best Of Show” Last weekend in Monterey, at the annual California Olive Oil Council Membership Meeting, my Family’s Estate Grown Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil took home the top prize for medium growers: BEST OF SHOW.  I could not be more excited! When I called my parents to announce the big award, they were literally bouncing off the walls. Wondering how to get a bottle of this award winning Ascolano?  Well, stay tuned… because I’m launching my NEW BRAND very soon! I’m […]

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OF7 – Olio Nuovo Tasting and Marketing Lesson with Lindsay Olives (Bell Carter) – from Corning CA

Lindsay Olives - Gift Box

Tasting Lindsay Olives’ 2015 Olio Nuovo – from Corning California In this episode of the Olive Fantastic Video Blog, I’m tasting Olio Nuovo from Lindsay Olives (Bell Carter), located in Corning California.  We also receive a great marketing lesson in packaging and branding.  They are from my hometown! Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olio Nuovo) Variety/Blend: 100% Manzanillo Date Harvested: October 2015 Bottle Size/Format: 500ML/Round/Antique Green/ROPP Cap + Pour-Spout Insert Price: $TBD/500ML bottle Nose: 2 out of 3 – Full of fruit, with great fresh notes of ripe olive, grapes and pear. Fruitiness: 2 out of 3 – Really nice […]

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DON’T Re-use OLD Olive Oil Bottles in Your Kitchen!

Sediment caked on the bottom of an olive oil bottle

I know you like that bottle…but DON’T Re-use OLD Olive Oil Bottles! A QUICK TIP: I see this happen all the time, where you love that bottle, the look, the shape, how the oil looks inside it, but please, don’t re-use bottles of olive oil that have sediment in the bottom.  If it’s clean (no sediment, and the oil was not old or rancid), then OK, you are good to go, re-use it! That sediment caked against the bottom of the bottle inside will make your good oil go bad.  Particularly […]

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OF6 – Olio Nuovo Tasting with California Olive Ranch – from Artois CA

Limited Reserve (olio nuovo) California Olive Ranch

Tasting California Olive Ranch’s 2015 Olio Nuovo – from Artois California In this episode of the Olive Fantastic Video Blog, I’m tasting Olio Nuovo from California Olive Ranch (COR), located in Artois California.  They call it “Limited Reserve,” but it’s fresh Olio Nuovo to us! Name: Limited Reserve Variety/Blend: Arbequina & Koroneiki Date Harvested: October 2015 Bottle Size/Format: 500ML/Square/Antique Green/ROPP Cap + Pour-Spout Insert Price: $19.99/500ML bottle Nose: 2 out of 3 – Full of fruit, with delicate notes of guava and papaya, tangled in with sweet green hay and ripe red apples. Fruitiness: 3 out of 3 – […]

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OF5 – Olio Nuovo Tasting with Bozzano – from Stockton CA

Bozzano Olive Ranch Organic Olio Nuovo

Tasting Bozzano’s 2015 Organic Olio Nuovo – from Stockton California In this episode of the Olive Fantastic Video Blog, I’m tasting Organic Olio Nuovo from the Bozzano Family, located in Stockton California. Name: Organic Olio Nuovo Variety/Blend: 100% Organic Leccino Date Harvested: November 2015 Bottle Size/Format: 500ML/Antique Green/ROPP Cap + Pour-Spout Insert Price: $29.75/500ML bottle Nose: 2 out of 3 – Big green aromas of freshly harvested olives, wheat grass, herbaceous, with a touch of ripe red apple Fruitiness: 2 out of 3 – Loaded with green flavors like freshly cut grass, herbaceous green vegetables, green pears and a noticeable […]

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Going to, and Prepping for: The FANCY FOOD SHOW

Dewey at the Fancy Food Show

The Fancy Food Show is a critical step to take for every small gourmet food business looking to take themselves to the next level for both wholesale and retail sales. Summary: I’m asked all the time if the Fancy Food Show is an event worth attending and having a booth at, mostly because it’s so “expensive!” My answer is always, “YES!” There are many reasons why, but here are what I feel are the most important. First: Exposure, there is no other event like it in the USA that has […]

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