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DON’T Re-use OLD Olive Oil Bottles in Your Kitchen!

Date: February 19, 2016

I know you like that bottle…but DON’T Re-use OLD Olive Oil Bottles!


I see this happen all the time, where you love that bottle, the look, the shape, how the oil looks inside it, but please, don’t re-use bottles of olive oil that have sediment in the bottom.  If it’s clean (no sediment, and the oil was not old or rancid), then OK, you are good to go, re-use it!

That sediment caked against the bottom of the bottle inside will make your good oil go bad.  Particularly when it’s an empty bottle of Olio Nuovo, Olio Nuevo or Olio Novello.  Mostly like, the sediment (fresh fruit particles) has already started to deteriorate (rot), and that rotten “fusty/muddy” flavor will go straight into your premium, excellent tasting, extra virgin olive oil.  Even if you clean the bottle, you’ll have a hard time drying it, and the water left in the bottle will make the oil go bad too!  The best thing to do….get a clean brand new bottle, or start with a fresh bottle of oil.  I don’t want you experiencing bad oil face, yuck!


Sediment caked on the bottom of an olive oil bottle

Sediment caked on the bottom of an empty olive oil bottle

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