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Hi, My First Post!

Date: May 30, 2015

Hi Foodies, Gourmet Food Entrepreneurs, Olive Oil Businesses, and all who believe that something normal can be something great!

Dewey Lucero

I’m Dewey Lucero, and this is my first blog entry. I’m really excited to start and share my own blog here at Olive Fantastic, it’s something I’ve been working towards for over a year now. The Olive Fantastic blog will be about California Olive Oil of course, and gourmet food more generally, geared towards helping the consumer find fantastic gourmet food, and most importantly help small businesses be better. I’ll talk about things I’m passionate about like branding, marketing, pr and sales, which will be for business owners and entrepreneurs, mostly in the gourmet food world, but really it could apply to anyone. That said, many of the things I’ll talk about or knowledge I share, could be for any entrepreneur! I’m not a pro, but I have learned a lot working in the gourmet food industry the last 9 years, which was basically the beginning of my working career out of college. There were bad experiences, and good experiences, experiences I learned from, and I want to share them all, in addition to what I have going on today.

My Goals:

  1. Help all you gourmet food companies and small olive oil companies be better, boost your sales, and make money
  2. Increase the consumption of California EVOO
  3. Provide education on California EVOO
  4. Teach how to taste EVOO
  5. Branding education
  6. Marketing education
  7. Sales education
  8. Validate everything that I talk about and be 100% transparent
  9. Create a lifestyle around olive oil and health
  10. Share great food and recipes I find along the way

– Dewey –

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I love talking olive oil, please feel free to contact me via email or phone. Here is my contact information:

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