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3 Common Olive Varieties Responsible for the California table olive and olive oil industries we know today

These three varieties of olive are the mainstay of the table olive and olive oil industry in California we have built today. Pictured here are three different varieties of olives that were first planted in California for canning before the olive oil boom over 10 years ago.  Many were planted over 100 years ago.  Now, these same varieties are crushed for oil too. Manzanillo – A Spanish variety, fruit smaller in size.  The most popular canning olive in California because of its high meat to pit ratio and buttery flavor.  When crushed for oil […]

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An update on the 2015 olive harvest in California

  An update on the 2015 olive harvest in California with Dewey of Olive Fantastic​:  “It’s early, I’m talking 2-3 weeks early, and fruit is ripening quickly in some areas of California.  Growers and millers should be planning now, and keep a close eye on fruit, because I have a feeling it’s going to be a short season, and you’ll need to process your fruit quickly this year to keep up.  That means coordinating with growers and contractors to get your fruit off the trees, sooner than you have in the past.” Good luck out there olive growers and millers! – Dewey –

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How polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil will extend your life – protecting your cardiovascular system

extra virgin olive oil

“The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are extraordinary and life changing – you should be consuming it daily!” You can simply Google the “Health benefits of Olive Oil,” and you’ll see there are endless amounts of information about how great olive oil is for you…and it is. The reason olive oil is so good for you is because it contains high amounts of polyphenols, which are antioxidants, and antioxidants are one of the only natural substances (molecule) that can make your body last longer, period.  Antioxidants protect cells […]

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My Story

Dewey in the olive orchard

Olive Fantastic is my first blog, and I’m proud of it. Although, I started my olive oil / gourmet food career nearly 10 years ago with a company I left to pursue greater opportunities, and a better life.  My first experience in the gourmet food world started with Lucero Olive Oil. The idea for the company literally started on a white napkin while sitting at my parents dining room table when I told them I wanted to try selling bottles of my dad’s and grandpa’s oil. I worked out a few numbers […]

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Hi, My First Post!

Dewey Lucero

Hi Foodies, Gourmet Food Entrepreneurs, Olive Oil Businesses, and all who believe that something normal can be something great! I’m Dewey Lucero, and this is my first blog entry. I’m really excited to start and share my own blog here at Olive Fantastic, it’s something I’ve been working towards for over a year now. The Olive Fantastic blog will be about California Olive Oil of course, and gourmet food more generally, geared towards helping the consumer find fantastic gourmet food, and most importantly help small businesses be better. I’ll talk about […]

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