OF5 – Olio Nuovo Tasting with Bozzano – from Stockton CA

Tasting Bozzano’s 2015 Organic Olio Nuovo – from Stockton California

In this episode of the Olive Fantastic Video Blog, I’m tasting Organic Olio Nuovo from the Bozzano Family, located in Stockton California.

Name: Organic Olio Nuovo
 100% Organic Leccino
Date Harvested: November 2015
Bottle Size/Format: 500ML/Antique Green/ROPP Cap + Pour-Spout Insert
Price: $29.75/500ML bottle
Nose: 2 out of 3 – Big green aromas of freshly harvested olives, wheat grass, herbaceous, with a touch of ripe red apple
Fruitiness: 2 out of 3 – Loaded with green flavors like freshly cut grass, herbaceous green vegetables, green pears and a noticeable  ripe crisp red apple flavor, that was really nice helping to balance out the flavor.
Bitterness: 2.6 out of 3 – A good dose of bitterness, due to its freshness and robust characteristics, as a result…very high in polyphenols!  A nice bonus.
Pungency: 3 out of 3 – Fantastic clean pepperiness on the throat, definitely a BIG robust oil…like this Italian/Tuscan variety should be.
Intensity – Dewey’s Rank: Robust
Where to Buy: www.bozzanoranch.com

Bozzano Organic Olio Nuovo - November 2015

Bozzano Organic Olio Nuovo – November 2015


If you’d like your olive oil featured, I’d be happy to taste it, it’s FREE, contact me at dewey@olivefantastic.com – thank you, and enjoy.

**I want to thank Bozzano Olive Ranch for the free product, and for allowing me to review their olive oil. All opinions and tasting notes are my own, and I am not affiliated with, work for, or paid by any of the companies I taste oil from on my video blog. I only represent my own company and brand: Olive Fantastic.  I truly enjoy tasting these olive oils, and aim to educate you on their unique flavors and even more importantly: how to taste and evaluate olive oil for your own use. That’s my goal here, to educate everyone I possibly can on the greatness of premium 100% extra virgin olive oil!


  1. hey Dewey, I heard that olive oil can be from pale yellow to dark green. I am curious about the color of the oils you try. Could you mention the color? Hard to tell in the little plastic cup.
    I am new to this and totally curious.


    • Hi Natalya, absolutely! This is a great point, I’m glad you asked, and something I could definitely add to my tastings to add education. I might try using a larger glass cup so everyone can see the color, and I’ll do some closeups. A quick note to everyone: Be careful to not judge evoo’s by their color. Some can be very green in color, while others golden and everywhere between, however you can’t truly judge flavor until you taste it. Thank you again Natalya! Great comment, I’ll be adding this to my tastings. Also, you asked if I was affiliated with any of these companies I feature on my website or anyone in the CA olive oil industry, and I think it’s important to note that I am not. I am only involved at this point with this blog. Oils are sent to me by choice of the company, and then I taste giving my honest opinion of the oil.


  2. Hi Dewey, me again, I was looking at the Bozzano site and I see they have both an organic and a regular olio nuovo. What is the difference in the olive world, and is it worth it? Are olive trees heavily sprayed w pesticides/fertilizers?
    Thanks again.


    • Hi Natalya, great questions. This one is tough to answer, because I believe it really comes down to your belief in consuming organic religiously. Olive trees are unique, in that they do not have many pests, so you really don’t see pesticides sprayed on olives at all. They do respond to fertilizer well, and there is organic fertilizer out there. There is weed control that occurs in CA, since we have so much sun and water (most of the time). So many farmers spray for weeds to keep the trees and weeds from competing for water and nutrients, however weed control goes on when there is no fruit on the tree and only a couple times​ a year. One thing that I do, is I tell people that olive oil is all natural, because​ it really is, having not been sprayed with anything “bad.” Maybe more importantly, it comes down to taste, and what you prefer :) Great question!


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